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Jesse Forkum - Sole Proprietor

Jesse Forkum  Sole Proprietor

Since my childhood, I have always loved music. I have been involved with it for what seems like my entire life. I took to the theater when I began middle, and I continued to do theatrical performance up until my migration to college. With those experiences, I learned to love live sound and lighting production. 

 Fighting a propane training fire with our crew.

 Fighting a propane training fire with our crew.

It had been my dream since middle school to start a DJ company. Of course, a 13 year old kid has little financial means to start a business, so that dream was placed in storage. It was rediscovered my Freshman year at Freed-Hardeman University when I began working for the campus radio station.  I learned a lot about sound production from working there, and that gave me the confidence I needed to take the big leap.

The financial means came from work as a volunteer firefighter for the town of Henderson, Tennessee. I was surprised after I completed my training when I learned that our department payed its volunteers on a per-call basis at the end of the year. I used these checks to invest in something that I thought would not only be financially beneficial, but something that I would enjoy for many, many years to come.

And so, BluAtom Entertainment was born. We now have an extensive library of music, a fantastic equipment setup, and a great path for growth and success. We can not wait to help make your event even more UNFORGETTABLE.

-Jesse Forkum